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Okay so my shipping rant (ooc) 

So i’m going through the tag and I find the blog Shipping Confessions blogs. So far i’ve seen just hate towards clintasha shippers. They say we’re immature and should grow up and that we bash other ships. I personally have yet to witness this and would like proof. In fact, I find this ship gets a lot of hate. People are always so quick to slap you with, “But she’s with Bucky so this ship is stupid.” Oh? Do Science boyfriends or Thorki or Superhusbands get that much crap? Maybe, but I’ve never seen any of it. They all actually get a lot of praise. I love when people use the ‘But in the comics…’ excuse. I do recall they had a relationship once in the comics, DO CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG.

Or I would see, “THey’re just friends. This ship is pointless.” A new one I’ve been seeing is that people can’t see how you can even ship them.

Seriously? Most best friends  get shipped automatically in different series. Why would they not get shipped? Look at their history together. Look at them in the movie. Hell, look at them even in some of the Marvel based cartoons. They all give reasons to why people would ship them. 

I think the people who bash Clintasha shippers look just as bad. Why can’t we just ship whoever the fuck we want without getting shit for it?